Hello, and welcome to our blog.
We are a group of high priests of a religion called Ifá. Our sole purpose and motivation in life is to help people like you begin the healing process and embrace the universe’s gifts. Our services are not only friendly and welcoming to people from all walks of life, they’re affordable too. We truly do just want to help.
The universe knows who you are; it knows what you need to live life to the fullest, gloriously, joyously and abundantly. However, to follow its guidance, you must trust in the divine energy that flows through everything.
If something in life is not working out for you, if you need a permanent solution to your problem, you should seek spiritual healing. Spiritual healers like us are practiced in channeling healing energy into a patient and bringing about positive change in their life.
We have long since believed in spiritual healing and the power of the universe. However, when we learned that roughly 80% of people live with a sense of ambivalence about a decision or potential circumstance in their lives, we knew it was time for change on a grander scale. And so, Elegbara was born.
We offer techniques that are life changingly powerful yet remain respectful, passionate and hopeful. Our team aims to be easy to talk to and comforting, not intimidating or judgemental. Newcomers to our services have described us as humbled and honored; they trusted us enough to share their most personal stories. We were overjoyed to hear such feedback, and we share it with you so that you may approach us without fear or hesitation.

Let it be known that, above all, we would love to work for you.